How Marvin Mediates

I help people to work their way to an agreement that works for everyone. Along the way, we have the chance to address feelings and concerns that may be standing in the way of agreement.  My goal is to give the parties a safe place to work through the topics in their dispute.  Sometimes the smallest understanding makes a beautiful ending.


My style of mediation is a hybrid of facilitative and transformative. I act as a guide to keep the parties on track and to look beyond their positions.

Together, we look for ways to recognize the worth and needs of all the parties.

Facilitative: The mediator helps the parties to discuss their concerns and interests so they can make an agreement that is satisfies everybody.

Transformative: The mediator guides the parties to build an understanding of each other’s views, explore hidden issues and concerns.  As a result, parties can talk better to each other and avoid future conflict or at least, manage a future confict in a better way.