Divorce Help-What To Expect

Build Your Future

Even an uncontested or “friendly” divorce is stressful. The good part is you can decide what kind of family you will have after your divorce.



Mediation is a process 2 or more people can use to resolve a dispute.  A neutral person, a mediator, provides a safe space and guidance so the parties can create an end to their dispute that is good for everyone.

Neutral And Fair

As a neutral mediator, my role is to help you understand each others’ concerns, needs, and expectations. We focus on everyone’s concerns so that you can reach a solution that is good for all. I will not favor one over another.

Look To The Future

We will explore the past so that you can look to the future.

Make Your Own Decisions

Your role is to create an agreement that works for you. I will help you to stay on track so you come to a fair resolution for everyone.

Protect Your Legal Rights

You have the right to have a support person or an attorney present in your mediation. You will have the opportunity to consult with an attorney regarding your agreement.

Mediation Will Likely Cost Much Less Than Court

Divorce cases usually take several sessions to reach a resolution. Less complicated cases may take just a few hours. No matter how simple or how complicated, your cost in time and money is likely to be a small fraction of what litigating a case might require.

My Calming Professional Presence

I will help you down the path to a resolution that is good for everyone.

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