Thinking Divorce?

Thinking divorce? Consider the following.

A Mediator’s View (01/16/17)

This morning, I read an article published in the New York Times concerning President Obama’s responses to various conflicts about race.  Latonda Henderson made wise comments  about the article.  She suggested a simple way to address disputes.

You may not like the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.  We can learn from President Obama’s reaction to President-Elect Trump.  He shows us how disputes can be handled. Following tradition, President Obama and President-Elect Trump sat down to discuss the presidential transition.  Latonda Henderson of Atlanta made a very good observation, “You sit down with people with people who opposed you,” said Ms. Henderson. “You sit down and try to find a common ground with people who were attacking your family, spitting on your family. That’s President Obama’s legacy.”

To see what led to her comments, click here:

You are very angry, and say things that hurt and you may regret.  You can simply sit down with your partner.   Remember that common ground you once had.  Try to find the common ground (mediation helps) you now have.  You may be amazed.  Maybe thinking divorce is not the answer.

A couple talking about what is bothering them.
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